R.S.V.P. responds to Gift it Forward

Alyce Dear Diary

the most amazing gifts are ones you don’t expect





As you all know our new rag bracelet business is internet based, therefore we ship everything.  In order to ship to you; we need to buy shipping supplies.  “Who knew that tape and shipping bags would cost a small fortune?”  If you buy one of these items it’s relatively inexpensive, if you buy a bunch you can still manage, but when you need “a whole bunch”, it ain’t that cheap.

I live in a small town with great boutique stores.  There is a wonderful privately owned store that specializes in shipping.  You can ship, move, pack, or send anything anywhere.   This store will come to your home, (free of charge), pick up your First Class mail, affix the stamp, and mail it for you!  NO walking to the mailbox for me anymore.

Months before Gift it Forward launched I went into R.S.V.P. (great name of a store) to set up a mailing account and introduce myself.  I explained the essence of our new business to one of the owners.  “Hold on one moment,” she said.  She came back with a bag full of shipping bags with bubble lining.  “Why don’t you take these as a gift from us to help get your business started.”  I was shocked.

This past week I went back into the store to ship out the first orders we had gotten.  I asked if she remembered me, and she did.  I told her how well our opening was and how the shipping bags worked out fabulously well.  “Hold on one moment,” she said.  This time she came back with a BOX full of those same shipping bags with bubble lining.   My 11 year old daughter was with me, and got to see the essence of what the business we’ve created does.

We are so grateful to the owners of R.S.V.P. of Palm Beach.   When you have the chance visit our friends at R.S.V.P.  Please tell them Alyce said hello!