We make beautiful rag bracelets. With each bracelet you purchase, we give you one bracelet FREE, a gift from us to you. Your gift bracelet has a charm with the Gift it Forward logo. Take your gift bracelet and forward it to whomever and whenever you'd like do something nice for someone.

Gift it Forward is a company that encourages people to do random acts of kindness in a purposeful way.  Our rag bracelets can be worn singly or in bunches.  Take a Gift it Forward Photo of you wearing any of our bracelets, upload it to this website, and you will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of your next bracelet.

Gift it Forward - Buy one get one free rag bracelets


When you buy one bracelet we give you one for free for giving.  Our bracelets are designed for women and men.  Most fit one size.

Rag Bracelets Custom Orders

Custom orders

Specialty bracelets can be custom made for you with the colors of your favorite sports team, company, sorority, college, or any time you’d like.

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Gift it Forward encourages people to do random acts of kindness in a purposeful way. Become a retail partner and do the same.



A baby birthday at Gift it Forward

Daddy and baby on her 1st birthday

I remember this trip to the zoo.  Eric had been diagnosed with cancer 5 months prior and the can had returned one month prior, this time in his lungs. I knew that in all likelihood this would be the last time he’d hold the hand of his daughter on her birthday.

As our wonderful hospice team had encouraged him to do, Eric made videos for our children to cherish after his death.  In one of his videos to Lorelei, he recounted the experience we had during her first birthday trip to the Zoo.  Laughing, he told the story of how he had never seen an animal “make a doo” at a zoo.  ”How lucky we were to see not only a giraffe but an elephant do it.”

Our daughter watches this video and doesn’t understand why her dad doesn’t allow her to participate in the conversation.  I explain again that he died and isn’t able to have a conversation with her.  One day she’ll be grateful to be able to hear and see her dad talk to her.

On a beautiful July 8th day in Florida, our baby turned three.  This is her second birthday without her dad.  More birthdays without him than with him.  We celebrated with presents and cake, just as if we were all together.  She also received a bracelet from us.   This bracelet was different than the one I’m sure Eric would have chosen.   The Gift it Forward Rag bracelet he would have chosen would have been Stars & Stripes.

July 4th Flag Bracelet

Eric was a person who held tightly to his integrity, honor and truth.  He was the person who blanketed our family in safety.

Gift it Forward was started with Eric’s idea that we all can make a difference in how we treat people.  We should all try to be a little nicer to one another.   “Gift it Forward” literally is a call to action.  Give a gift to someone you want to make amends with, someone you don’t know, someone you want to let know that they’re important.

As a family we’ve learned not to wait to “give”.   If we wait we just might miss the opportunity to do something nice, to make things right, to move forward.

When you purchase one of our rag bracelets, you will get a bracelet as a gift from us.  Please take that bracelet and give it to someone.  Give it with thought and purpose.  We all owe it to each other.

Gift it Forward Carnival Rag Bracelet is a hit!

look for “carnival” on THE STREETS OF MY HOMETOWN – NY!!!!!

Gift it Forward Carnival Rag Bracelet

R.S.V.P. responds to Gift it Forward

the most amazing gifts are ones you don’t expect





As you all know our new rag bracelet business is internet based, therefore we ship everything.  In order to ship to you; we need to buy shipping supplies.  ”Who knew that tape and shipping bags would cost a small fortune?”  If you buy one of these items it’s relatively inexpensive, if you buy a bunch you can still manage, but when you need “a whole bunch”, it ain’t that cheap. (read more…)

Add your photo wearing our bracelet and receive 25% off your next order!

We Collaborate with Hospice

National Hospice Foundation

This story is the reason why Gift it Forward donates 25% of its net income to The National Hospice Foundation.  Our Hospice team gave gifts of themselves without asking for anything in return. It was their pleasure to come as often as we liked, and to answer our calls at the time they were needed the most.  It is our pleasure to collaborate with such a fabulous organization.


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