Gift it Forward Collaborates with Hospice

Alyce Dear Diary

why the national hospice foundation?

On February 16, 2011, my husband Eric was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Kidney Cancer.

On November 2011, my husband was very ill although he was able to do most things he had always done.


Our doctor suggested we call hospice. I thought, “Hospice. He’s not dying this week, why call Hospice?” I was almost insulted at the suggestion.

I took our doctors advice and called. We met with the Hospice group while in the hospital. They immediately enlightened us as the role they would play in our lives. They would be as involved or not involved as we were comfortable.

Before long, they became not only a part of our medical team, they became friends and family.

From November 2011 until the day my husband died, Kathy, from the Hospice team, helped all of us handle the difficult situations with not only the physical, but the emotional changes that were happening.

Eric died January 21, 2012, after turning 47 just four days prior. He left behind our 10 year old twins, 2 1/2 year old baby and myself.

Our hospice team (all of them) came to our home while we were receiving visitors to give us the hugs we so needed.

This story is the reason why Gift it Forward donates 25% of its net income to The National Hospice Foundation.  Our Hospice team gave gifts of themselves without asking for anything in return. It was their pleasure to come as often as we liked, and to answer our calls at the time they were needed the most.

It is our pleasure to collaborate with such a fabulous organization.