Alyce Dear Diary

Dear Friend,

The world has become so much smaller since I was a child.  The people I knew either lived down the block or in the neighboring town.



Life then

  • If I wanted to have a conversation with a friend who I wasn’t with, I had to use a rotary, hard wired, telephone.
  • If my friend wasn’t home when I called, the phone rang and rang with no end.
  • If my friend was involved in a conversation with someone else, I heard an annoying buzzing sound.


Life today

  • If you choose to ring my phone I could let it go to voicemail
  • If I receive a voicemail I can respond via text.
  • If forced to meet someone in “real life” we rarely engage in eye contact as we are too busy  talking to our smart phone.

Gift it Forward was founded on he belief that people can be nicer to one another.  By doing acts of kindness in a purposeful way we have the ability to make both others and ourselves feel good.

Gift it Forward Friendship

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Most Sincerely,