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helping kids realize their full potential

We are all born with the overwhelming want to be cooperative for the good of the group. Wanting to be nice quickly fades when a child is not taught by adults HOW to be nice. Often children who are not taught to care about others become emotionally detached, and their circle of concern stunted. When a child is taught heart nurture, and the concept of human me=human you, they grow into an adult with heart compassion.

School Programs

Gift it Forward, Inc. believes every child needs to take part in the #BeingNiceMatters school program. Every child deserves to learn how to nurture, acceptance and compassion for others and themselves. Your support will allow us to develop and provide individualized lesson plans for teachers to use in classrooms around the world. Your donation also goes directly to supplying all children whose school participates in the #BeingNiceMatters” program a free BNM KIT.

Supporting Our Ambassadors & Raising Awareness

There is not a quick, overnight fix to a long-simmering shift in our society. Gift it Forward, Inc. has supplied thousands of bracelets to BNM Ambassadors in the United States and abroad in just the last 12 months. Our ambassadors actively spread the #BeingNiceMatters message by giving away a bracelet on purpose for no other reason than to be nice. Once someone becomes an Ambassador they never pay for bracelets again. Your donation helps provide these lifestyle leaders with the tool that helps them be an advocate for being nice.

Spreading the Message

Your financial support will allow our founder to travel giving presentations to schools and various organizations regardless of their financial ability. All communities need and should participate in the #BeingNiceMatters program. We are also creating #BeingNiceMatters books, a cartoon series and other exciting tools to help bring our mission to life.


Every $10 you donate will give one student the #BeingNiceMatters School Kit.

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Gift It Forward, Inc. is a registered 501c(3) organization registered in the United States, and the EIN # is 81-2573407. Donors can refer to IRS Publication 526 for information on Tax deductible contributions.