The Next Chapter

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Friends, You’ve been through a few hard years with me, and I’m grateful for every single day you’ve encouraged me to keep going. I’m thankful for all of the emails I’ve received sharing your stories with me, telling me you understand or encouraging me to keep fighting. It was six years ago February that Eric first got sick and you were there with me. You watched my videos and sent emails to comfort me and give me hope. Then because …

A baby birthday at Gift it Forward

Alyce Dear Diary

  I remember this trip to the zoo.  Eric had been diagnosed with cancer 5 months prior and the can had returned one month prior, this time in his lungs. I knew that in all likelihood this would be the last time he’d hold the hand of his daughter on her birthday. As our wonderful hospice team had encouraged him to do, Eric made videos for our children to cherish after his death.  In one of his videos to Lorelei, …

R.S.V.P. responds to Gift it Forward

Alyce Dear Diary

the most amazing gifts are ones you don’t expect       As you all know our new rag bracelet business is internet based, therefore we ship everything.  In order to ship to you; we need to buy shipping supplies.  “Who knew that tape and shipping bags would cost a small fortune?”  If you buy one of these items it’s relatively inexpensive, if you buy a bunch you can still manage, but when you need “a whole bunch”, it ain’t …

Being Charitable is Selfish?

Alyce Dear Diary

starting a business around “giving” isn’t selfish, just ask google! When I started talking out loud about the idea of giving people something free so then they can give it to someone else the feedback, was let’s say mixed. A few questioned our motives.  “You’re just trying to make yourself feel good.”  “You don’t care about these people you’re giving to, you just want to have bragging rights about doing something nice.”  “If you want to genuinely give something to …

When you least expect help

Alyce Dear Diary

Celebrities sign comfort Quilt ABC 7 in Chicago did a story about our amazing experience with friends, friends of friends and total strangers.  When my husband was dying of cancer we asked friends we knew and friends we didn’t for some help. The response was overwhelming. Watch the video for the full story.


Alyce Dear Diary

Dear Friend, The world has become so much smaller since I was a child.  The people I knew either lived down the block or in the neighboring town.    

Gift it Forward Collaborates with Hospice

Alyce Dear Diary

why the national hospice foundation? On February 16, 2011, my husband Eric was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Kidney Cancer. On November 2011, my husband was very ill although he was able to do most things he had always done.