2020 Pre-Orders now open!

Shipping begins Thanksgiving week.


The Gift of Giving

This website follows the fundraising tradition our company began nearly 40 years ago. Thousands of nonprofit organizations have earned in excess of $80 million to sustain their activities using our fundraiser over these years.

For each Holiday Evergreen you purchase $8 will be donated to the nonprofit organization/foundation you choose. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply input the CODE for the organization you would like the donation to be made for. For this CODE is indicated on the Christmas Greeting Card enclosed with the Holiday Evergreen you have received.

Coupon Code Placement

If you do not have a CODE, you may choose one of the following organizations* to receive your donation:

Arthritis Foundation Arthritis
Battle Buddy Foundation BATTLE
 Mercy Unity Foundation MERCYU
 Troop 33  TR33MN001

How are these offers possible?

We are able to offer this donation while continuing to offer competitively priced products because there is no ‘middle-man’ involved. You are buying directly from us, the manufacturer, and we have specialized in producing our highest quality evergreens for 4 generations.

All of us at Mickman Brothers, thank you for choosing our company to purchase your Holiday Decorations this Holiday Season. And, the thousands of nonprofit organizations with whom we work this year thank you too.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

*Mickman Brothers has been endorsed by each of the organizations listed above to assist in their 2017 fundraising efforts.