I just wanted to share something with you. My son graduated Wednesday night. As you know his dad passed away 10 years ago. I walked into the theater, they had a slideshow up on the stage. When I walked in the picture up was my son on my husband’s lap. It was my sign that he was there with us. But, it made me cry like a baby ,no matter how I tried to control myself. There was a little Hispanic lady that came over to me and gave me the biggest hug. Since my son Harrison and I were alone, (nobody else showed up) she sat next to me and held my hand until I could regain my composure. It was then that I really wished I had a bracelet to give her. Her kindness meant so much to me. You haves helped me so much because you’re so positive. Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your campaign. #beingnicematters.

Dawn (Arizona, USA)


I’m so excited to start handing them out. I got the package today in the mail . What was so Awesome was that, my son, who I’ve told you about you went and got the mail today. As soon as I opened it he asked me if he can have one to represent Being Nice Matters, and he wants to help me give them out. This excites me because he is 17 and I love that he is proud of being nice and is gonna rock this bracelet the last week of 10th grade! Thank u so much lots of pictures to come. xoxox


Cancer is sad. When I was 7 my sister was diagnosed with leukemia, we lost her 7 years later when I was 14 and she was 21. It was the hardest thing. I never got to say goodbye because she was in ICU and wouldn’t allow us in there because you had to be 16 or older.

My second encounter with cancer was 4 years ago. My best friends grandma found out she had breast cancer. I paid it forward by sitting with her when my friend worked so she was never alone. She is good, no more cancer, thank God.

My next encounter is sad. My nieces 5 year old son has leukemia. He is such a sweet strong little boy. He loves hot wheel cars. My boyfriend is a collector so when he goes shopping we always get him cars. We just love to see his face light up. He is ok very strong and keeps fighting.

My next bout with cancer would be 3 months ago. I didn’t know this lady well at all, it’s my brother in laws aunt. She found out she had breast cancer when she had a pet scan, 2 lumps. The following week she had another lump. It spread fast. Two weeks ago they told her it’s in her liver. Now I don’t know her that great but I go and spend time with her when my sister goes. I bought her a coffee cup and she tells me it brings a smile to her heart because I don’t know her and I care so much about her. I now call her my aunt.

I’m a shyer person as I told you but to make someone else happy and smile brings joy to my face. I how it feels to be sic and feel alone. Thirteen years ago I had gastric bypass becoming very ill. I sometimes I felt alone. I almost died and when I was in the hospital I had gotten a home made rice bag and that made me feel amazing. Someone else cared. So I try all the time to pay it forward.

I truly think you’re amazing and may God bless you for all the smiles that you have brought to so many people. I love that I found you and I’m gonna email you and I would love you to send me some bracelets. I will pay it forward with my boyfriend’s son, he is 5 and he loves to help with people.

I’m glad that I’m a part of this. My heart is over joyed. You are totally Awesome. Thank you so much

Kimberly (New York, USA)

The kit came today! I am so excited! I added you to a special Facebook group. My kids started this when I was so very sick in October, 2014. I had just retired from nursing, recently finished chemo (for 3rd time for non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and moved back to NY from Miami. I had just received my NY RN license and was planning on working part time. In Miami, I was a public health nurse in a clinic for indigent and refugee kids. Loved it.

When I came home from the hospital and saw that I would probably be on oxygen forever, I wondered why I had recovered. There had to be a reason besides wanting to see my grandchildren grow up. I couldn’t volunteer or work anywhere and my life has been pretty limited.

When I saw your videos (all of them) I knew this was why I survived. I can help people feel good in a different way! Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to start!

Lesley (New York, USA)

I met you on Blab, and when I saw your videos about your husband they made me cry, you’re such a strong person and I have so much respect for you.

I love this movement, I think it’s a wonderful idea and I’d love to be a part of it. As you said in the video, giving the bracelets is fine, but taking a picture would be something I’d be nervous about and feel a tad uncomfortable asking, but I will step out of my comfort zone to do this.

Hannah (Northern Ireland)

Okay lady – it’s been years since we caught up..but I’ve got to tell you. I’m watching you and your kids on FB – how truly wonderful those three are -what joys. So fun to watch. Second – I think what you’re doing with Gift it Forward truly is amazing. There needs to be more kindness in the world – I think that every single day…Myself included – We all have days when we feel beat down or bitter – but remembering that being nice matters truly is making this world a better place – because of you.

I’m happy to get involved, volunteer, help out with anything you need. Same for Tim – we love you and are so proud of what you’re doing. btw – your video this morning – totally made cry. Kleenex are everywhere.

Amanda & Tim (Illinois) USA

Hey Alyce,

I love seeing all of your posts on FB about Being Nice Matters. I’m not sure if u remember I lost my husband also. You really help me. I’m really struggling in many ways and it just brings me down. I don’t have any money but I wonder if I could get a couple or even just one bracelet. I’m in Arizona. My son graduates high school in a couple of weeks. I don’t even have money to buy him anything to wear for the ceremony. This makes me feel like a horrible mom. I’m hoping if I could give a couple bracelets away, it would lift my spirits. I want to at least put my energy to something positive. If you can’t I understand. It’s such a great thing that you are doing.

Thanks for your time.

Anonymous (USA)

It was 11 years tomorrow when I lost my husband and my kids lost their dad.
As you know fro FB I’m struggling in many ways. Things changed so much since we lost him. We can barely get by and now it seems like I’m losing a lot of people close to me.
My sister passed July 8 unexpectedly and two weeks before that my baby sister was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She has a 5 and 6 year old. I can’t keep from thinking what they are going through. Most days I can’t function. I’m worried about feeding us or paying the rent. I feel so alone. I lost my mom grandma and husband within 8 months. My dad took off and married a friend of my sister.
I ramble too. Lol. What I want to say is you help me so much. I’m so happy that you have someone so special in your life. Because I’m so lonely. I love the little package you sent me for #beingnicematters I haven’t taken the cloth one off since I got it. I’m wondering if you could send me another package. It would make me so happy. If you need me to pay for them I just need to wait till next month. This would make me so happy. If you can’t I understand and appreciate what you’ve done. I love seeing your videos and posts. Thanks for all of your love.

Dawn (USA)