“to UNITE we MUST be NICE”

#BeingNiceMatters Lifestyle Leaders Make A Difference Every Day

Being nice is ACTIVE, it is not PASSIVE

Someone’s day will be affected in ways you never imagined when you do something nice for them on purpose. #BeingNiceMatters Ambassadors don’t wait for someone in need to then take action; they are the originators of special moments that others share and repost.

Smiles and Hellos lead to Conversations

In order to unite people we need to move past intolerance, discrimination, and blind hatred. Being able to interact in conversations with those that are not “like-minded” is critical to closing our divide.

Coming from a Private Place of Being Nice is Essential

Having face to face interactions with someone with the sole intention of being nice is critical to the success of #BeingNiceMatters. Being open to understanding our differences will evoke empathy and compassion.

what do #beingnicematters lifestyle leaders do?

Once your package arrives start giving away the silicone bracelets for no other reason than to be nice to someone on purpose, and watch the smiles
You are the creator of your story, so it is entirely up to you who you give a bracelet to. It’s our wish that you give it to someone you normally wouldn’t interact with thus enabling us all to come together.
We supply you with a simple script you can use until the words become your own.

“This is from a company called Gift It Forward. They encourage random acts of kindness in a purposeful way. I’m giving you this bracelet to be nice because #BeingNiceMatters.”

If you decide to give someone two just add..

“Please take this second bracelet and give it away to someone else.”

Take a picture, or a video, of your #BeingNiceMatters experience.
Take a picture, or a video, of you and your #BeingNiceMatters experience and share it! Your actions will be the teaching tool for others who then will become the creators of their own “nice” stories.

We’ve made sharing easy for you by providing links below to to Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram.  If you need help email us and we’ll take care of the sharing for you.

Once you’ve shared your experience with the world then send us an email and let us know.  You’ll receive a 25% off coupon code to be used for anything you need to continue to help unite us.
You’ve given out bracelets, shared your experience with the world and shared it with us; you’ve run out of bracelets and need a new supply.

If you haven’t already emailed us and received your 25% off coupon code do that now. If you have received your code use it to get more bracelets or anything else you need.

Gift it Forward Inc.,  understands not everyone is able to financially get involved in #BeingNiceMatters. Simply email us your name and address and we will send you a bundle of 3 #BeingNiceMatters bracelets along with step-by-step instructions on how to hand them out.

#BeingNiceMatters Kits

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